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Motion Synergy Works

Physical Therapy AppletonYour MSPT therapist uses observation and palpation to measure flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. Asymmetry and faulty biomechanics can lead to restricted motion and pain. Manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilization, isometric facilitation and neuromuscular re-education can effectively free up restrictions and abolish symptoms. Physical therapy procedures are specifically designed to enhance the home exercise and postural retraining programs that allow you to independently manage your condition.

Evidence Based Practice

We specialize in the Physical Therapy management of Cervicogenic Headaches And Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMJ).
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"Effectiveness of Manual PT, Therapeutic Exercise and Patient Education on Bilateral Anterior Disc Displacement without reduction of the TMJ"  


Coverage for physical therapy evaluation and treatment is provided through your health or medical plan. Many insurance companies do not require a referral. We do work in collaboration with all third party payers and will gladly assist you in verifying your benefits if you so desire.